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Short life-spans and many offspring are typical of
a) r-strategists
b) K-strategists
c) animals
d) plants

When organisms move out of a population, this is known as
a) emigration
b) abandonment
c) immigration
d) succession

Population density refers to how many __________ are present in a particular location.
a) species
b) organisms
c) models
d) populations

A group of organisms of different species living together in a particular place is called a
a) community
b) biome
c) habitat
d) population

A small farming community covers 14 square kilometers and as 420 individuals who live within the town limits. What is the population density?
a) 0.03 individuals per square kilometer
b) 30 individuals per square kilometer
c) 10.24 individuals per square kilometer
d) 53 individuals per square kilometer

All of the following are abiotic factors of a habitat EXCEPT
a) plants
b) soil
c) water
d) weather

All of the following are limiting factors EXCEPT
a) immigration
b) competition
c) predation
d) human distrubances

Biodiversity measures the number of species living within a(n)
a) community
b) habitat
c) organism
d) ecosystem

Which of the following tells you population density?
a) the number of births per year
b) the number of deaths per year
c) the number of frogs in a pond
d) the number of bacteria per square millimeter

Animals that feed on plants are at least in the
a) first trophic level
b) second trophic level
c) third trophic level
d) fourth trophic level

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