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the process of combining male and female to create a new animal or plant
a) fertilization
b) germinate
c) materials
d) photosynthesis

the part of a plant cell that contains chlorophyll and makes energy from sunlight, air, water and nutrients
a) pistil
b) plants
c) chloroplast
d) pollination

water in the form of a gas
a) water vapor
b) materials
c) photosynthesis
d) phylum

a plant or plant part used as food especially as aside dish in a meal.
a) germinate
b) materials
c) vegetable
d) fertilization

the process of giving off water vapor through tiny opening in leaves and other plant parts.
a) transpiration
b) food chain
c) fertilization
d) materials

tiny openings in leaves and stems that allow gases to enter and exit
a) stomata
b) chloroplast
c) roots
d) water

the main stalk or trunk of a plant that holds it up and brings water to its leaves
a) vegetable
b) transpiration
c) stem
d) water vapor

to come out of a seed and begin to grow.
a) sprout
b) stem
c) soil
d) flower

the top layer of the ground in which plants grow
a) flower stalk
b) stem
c) chloroplast
d) soil

a structure or other place that gives protection from bad weather or danger
a) stem
b) shelter
c) sprout
d) chlorophyll

the parts of a plant that grow underground holding it in place and taking in water and nutrients from the soil
a) roots
b) shelter
c) soil
d) sprout

able to be replaced and not permanently used up.
a) nonrenewable
b) renewable
c) roots
d) seed

the small plant part that can grow into a new plant.
a) roots
b) flower
c) seed
d) leaves

an invisible, odorless gas needed for life that makes up a part of the air
a) suger
b) oxygen
c) water
d) leaves

The part of a flowering plant that contains seeds, and its often eaten by animals.
a) fruit
b) glucose
c) shelter
d) soil

substances that living things need to stay alive,stay healthy
a) photosynthesis
b) leaves
c) seed
d) nutrients

the green parts of a plant,often thin and flat, that grow on stems or branches that make food
a) tree
b) leaves
c) nutrients
d) fruit

to begin to grow from a seed
a) germinate
b) materials
c) photosynthesis
d) plants

the process by which plants turn energy from the sun into food
a) pollen
b) pollination
c) photosynthesis
d) reproduce

the part of a plant that grows seeds
a) materials
b) flower
c) absorb
d) species

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