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Which of the items below are not needed to test electrical conductivity?
a) Battery
b) Receiver
c) Insulated wire
d) Tape

Which describes and open circuit?
a) The light is not big enough.
b) It needs more wires.
c) The wires are not closed.
d) Another energy source is needed.

Which object can be used to turn an incomplete circuit into a complete circuit?
a) Aluminum foil
b) Rubber band
c) Popsicle Stick
d) Straw

What process causes electricity to flow in a circuit, completing its path so that an electrical current can pass through and produce sound?
a) Conductivity
b) Solubility
c) Insulation
d) Vibrations

Students are experimenting with the flow of electricity in circuits. The teacher instructed them to wear rubber gloves during the experiment because-
a) rubber gloves are conductors
b) rubber gloves keep the students dry
c) rubber gloves allow the electricity to flow
d) rubber gloves are insulators

A group of students decide to investigate what is required to make a complete path through which an electric current can pass. The students used different objects to see if they could produce heat. They recorded their data. What should they do next?
a) Formulate a hypothesis
b) Write a conclusion
c) Ask a question
d) Perform the experiment

Students were given materials to complete a complete a circuit to turn on one light. The materials they received were 2 wires, a battery, and various sizes of light bulbs. What was the variable of the experiment?
a) Wires
b) Battery
c) Size of bulb
d) Time of day

In science class, student were investigating ways to build circuits. Which items should students choose to create a working electrical circuit?
a) Oce copper wire, wood chips, and a light bulb
b) Two copper wires, a plastic straw, and a light bulb
c) Two copper wires, a battery, and a light bulb
d) Wood chips, iron filings, and a battery

Electricity can be used to produce
a) Light
b) Light, sound, heat, movement
c) Heat
d) Sound

Which part of a circuit is the energy source?
a) wire
b) bulb
c) switch
d) battery

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