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Which tool would be useful for learning about light energy?
a) Metric ruler
b) Magnet
c) Prism
d) Hot plate

A student is investigating ways to conserve energy at school. All of the following are ways to impact the conservation of electricity at school except-
a) recycling aluminum cans
b) turning off machines when not in use
c) replacing light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs
d) turning the thermostat up during warm months

Which type of energy from the Sun provides sunshine and heat to the Earth?
a) Mechanical
b) Electrical
c) Sound
d) Light

Which forms of energy are used when a solar powered robot is working?
a) light, electrical and mechanical
b) electrical and sound
c) mechanical, electrical and sound
d) thermal and light

A student made a list of ways electrical energy is used at home. Which is an object that would most likely be on his list?
a) skateboard
b) alarm clock
c) couch
d) basketball

Which is NOT an example of the use of sound energy?
a) beating a drum
b) talking
c) cooking hot dogs
d) playing music on the radio

A gumball machine has a coin handle that must be turned when releasing a gumball. Which form of energy is used to release the gumball?
a) Thermal
b) Sound
c) Electrical
d) Mechanical

What is the energy type that produces heat from faster moving particles?
a) Sound
b) Thermal
c) Electrical
d) Mechanical

Which of the following best uses mechanical energy to perform a useful task?
a) Flashlight
b) Pencil Sharpener
c) Candle
d) Solar Calculator

What type of energy is generated when an alarm goes off?
a) Light
b) Thermal
c) Sound
d) Mechanical

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