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The study of demographics help predict changes in the size of a population
a) the size of a population
b) the number of demons in a pod
c) the number of genes in a gene pool
d) the number of populations in a community

Wastes tend to build up in the environment as a population reaches
a) its peak population
b) the carrying capacity
c) its lowest point
d) the independent density

Populations of K-strategists grow slowly, while r-strategists populations grow
a) slowly
b) constantly
c) rapidly
d) very slowly

Which of the following does NOT represent a population?
a) all the robins in Autstin, Texas
b) all the birds in Chicago, Illinois
c) all the grass frogs in the pond in Central Park
d) all the earthworms in Yosemite National Park

As a population reaches its carrying capacity, there is an increase in competition for
a) food
b) shelter
c) mates
d) all of these

The three main patterns of dispersion in a population are random, evenly spaced, and
a) clumped distribution.
b) competitively spaced.
c) lonely distribution
d) unevenly spaced

The exponential model of population gorwth, the growth rate
a) declines
b) remains constant
c) rises
d) rises and then declines

Which of the following is an r-strategist?
a) grey wolves
b) dandelions
c) whales
d) humans

The movement of individuals from one population into another is
a) birth rates
b) dispersion
c) emigration
d) immigration

________ is the difference between the birth rate and the death rate
a) carrying capacity
b) emigration
c) growth rate
d) population model

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