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Where are Amir abd his mother?
a) In the kitchen
b) In the living room
c) In the balcony
d) In the garden

What day is it today?
a) Sunday
b) Monday
c) Friday
d) Tuesday

How is Amir?
a) Unhappy
b) Happy
c) Great
d) Fine

Why Amir doesn't want to go to school?
a) He is sleepy
b) He is unhappy
c) He is hungry
d) He has no friends

Who is is new buddy?
a) Carmen
b) Sarra
c) Jackson
d) Miranda

Why is Amir surprised?
a) All students know his name.
b) He is happy.
c) No one knows his name.
d) Carmen is glad.

What game are they playing?
a) Football
b) Tennis
c) Treasure hunt
d) Table tennis

The books are in the .......
a) Library
b) Cafeteria
c) Office
d) Toilet

The backpack is in the .......
a) Classroom
b) Playground
c) Gym
d) Office

What's Amir's prize?
a) Rubber
b) Bag
c) Pencil case and a notebook
d) Notebook

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