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The periodic table is organized from left to right by
a) metalloids, metals, nonmetals
b) metals, nonmetals, metalloids
c) nonmetals,metals,metalloids
d) metals,metalloids,nonmetals

In covalent bonding, electrons are
a) gained
b) transferred
c) shared
d) lost

When a nonmetal bonds with another nonmetal, which type of bond is created?
a) metallic
b) ionic
c) nonmetals never bond with another nonmetal
d) covalent

Compounds formed between a metal and a nonmetal will have what kind of bonds
a) ionic
b) covalent
c) metallic
d) nonmetallic

Most metals do not
a) have luster
b) conduct electricity
c) melt at high temperatures
d) break easily

The rows of elements on the periodic table
a) groups
b) transitions
c) towers
d) periods

The columns of elements on the periodic table
a) groups
b) transitions
c) towers
d) periods

Atomic mass is made up of which subatomic particles?
a) electrons and neutrons
b) protons and neutrons
c) protons and electrons
d) protons

An ion occurs when
a) you gain or lose a proton
b) you gain or lose a neutron
c) you gain or lose an electron
d) you gain or lose nothing

The atomic number is the number of
a) protons
b) electrons
c) neutrons
d) protons and neutrons

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