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Medical Bookkeeping.[print questions]

How are fees for medical services determined?
a) Usual, Customary, Reasonable fee
b) Cost, Office, Credit
c) Master Card, Visa, Check
d) Office, Clinic, Hospital

Amount the patient must pay with each vist
a) copayment
b) deductable
c) Office fee
d) tip

a) Patient must seee providers in a group model
b) Patient can see any provider
c) Patient will not owe a fee for seeing an out of network provider

Allows the medical office to bill and forward information
a) consent form
b) patient
c) truth in lending

Charge slip, statement, and insurance reporting form
a) super bill
b) fee schedule
c) ledger

Used to record charges, adjustments, and payments for the patient
a) Ledger card
b) day sheet
c) super bill

accounts receivable is billed at given times of the month
a) cycle billing
b) explanation of benifits
c) ledger billing

A minor is responsible for his/her own billing if...
a) emancipated
b) parents are divorced
c) is in college

Determining how long an account has been past due is called?
a) Age analysis
b) Cold calling
c) Cycle billing

A patient that has moved without leaving a forwarding address is called a?
a) skip
b) bad patient
c) overdue account

Write-it-once system
a) pegboard system
b) single entry system
c) double entry system

Signing or stamping the back of the check for deposit is called?
a) Endorsing
b) Signing
c) Check washing

When should a check be endorsed
a) upon receiving it
b) at the end of the day
c) before you take a break

How are employee withholdings determined?
a) W-4
b) W-2
c) IBO

What is the date an employer should have delivered a W-2 form by?
a) January 31
b) April 1
c) December 30

How many employees usually handle petty cash
a) one
b) two
c) every medical assistant

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