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The Sun continually turns ocean water into vapor through the process of
a) evaporation.
b) distillation.
c) precipitation.
d) condensation.

Sleet is a form of
a) water vapor.
b) climate.
c) precipitation.
d) condensation.

On a humid day, the air is full of
a) clouds.
b) heat energy.
c) oxygen.
d) water vapor.

Unequal heating and cooling in the atmosphere can result in a(n)
a) rainstorm.
b) convection cell.
c) hurricane.
d) air mass.

Water droplets may form on the outside of a glass of water as a result of
a) evaporation.
b) condensation.
c) precipitation.
d) humidity.

All water on Earth is part of the same
a) watershed.
b) oceans.
c) weather system.
d) water cycle.

The position of the Sun directly affects the angle of
a) convection cells.
b) the Coriolis Effect.
c) insolation.
d) the Earth\'s tilt.

At night, when the air over land cools more quickly than the air over water, it results in a
a) land breeze.
b) hurricane.
c) monsoon.
d) sea breeze.

On a foggy, rainy day, it would be unlikely for you to see
a) cirrus clouds.
b) cumulonimbus clouds.
c) nimbostratus clouds.
d) stratus clouds.

On a map showing air pressure, two areas with the same air pressure would be located along the same
a) latitude.
b) isobar.
c) isotherm.
d) millibar.

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