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Et toi?
a) And you? (informal)
b) And you? (formal)

Et vous?
a) And you? (informal)
b) And you? (formal)

À demain !
a) See you tomorrow!
b) See you soon!
c) See you in a moment!
d) See you in the morning!

À bientôt !
a) See you tomorrow!
b) See you in a week or so!
c) See you soon!
d) Goodbye!

Ça va mal.
a) It's going great
b) Not well at all.
c) I'm having a fantastic day
d) It's been worse.

Comme ci comme ça.
a) It's going really well
b) so-so
c) More or less
d) Not bad

Pas trop mal.
a) Not too bad
b) not bad
c) Really well
d) so-so

J'ai la pêche !
a) I have fish
b) I am tired
c) I am peachy
d) I'm full of energy

Au revoir
a) Goodbye
b) See you later
c) See you tomorrow
d) How are you

Ça roule ?
a) Are you okay?
b) How are you? (informal)
c) How are you ? (formal)
d) What is your name?

Plus ou moins.
a) more or less
b) Not very well
c) It's alright
d) Plus and minus

Comment allez-vous ?
a) How are you? (formal)
b) How are you? (informal)
c) What is your name? (formal)
d) What is your name? (informal)

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