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Knowing specific heat helps us to determine
a) the boiling point of a substance.
b) the freezing point of a substance.
c) how quickly the temperature of a substance will change as it gains or losses energy.

What is specific heat?
a) The energy (Joules) needed to boil a substance.
b) The energy (Joules) needed to increase the temperature of 1 Kg of a substance by 1 degree Celsius.
c) The energy (Joules) needed to change the state of matter.

Although there are several units to measure enery, including heat energy, scientists use
a) calories
b) Btu
c) Joules

Why can't there be a temperature lower than absolute zero?
a) We do not have thermometers to record that low a temperature.
b) We can not record temperatures below absolute zero because the movement of all matter stops.
c) No temperature can be measured below freezing.
d) Temperature measures movement of atoms, but no atoms move after 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put the following in order from lowest energy to highest energy.
a) Solid, gas, liquid
b) gas, liquid, solid
c) liquid, gas, solid
d) solid, liquid, gas

A comfortable room temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. What is this temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?
a) Exactly 70 degrees Fahrenheit
b) Exactly 73 degrees Fahrenheit
c) Exactly 68 degrees Fahrenheit
d) IDK - maybe 65 degrees Fahrenheit

The temperature scale on which the freezing point of water is at 32 degrees is the:
a) Kelvin Scale
b) Fahrenheit Scale
c) Celsius Scale
d) Electric Scale

If a substance has a low specific heat we know
a) the substance can heat up or cool down very quickly
b) the substance can heat up or cool down very slowly
c) each degree of temperature change (of the substance) takes less energy
d) answers 1 & 3

One of the fundamental reasons our planet is inhabitable is:
a) the huge amount of water on it helps regulate the temperature - water has a low specific heat value.
b) the huge amount of water on it helps regulate the temperature - water has a high specific heat value.
c) land has a high specific heat.

The three ways that heat can flow are:
a) electricity, conduction, radiation
b) radiation, convection, electricity
c) conduction, convection, radiation

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