Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes I Question Preview (ID: 26915)

This Covers Prefixes, Roots, And Suffixes We Have Covered The First Nine Weeks.[print questions]

Which is the correct spelling for a word meaning -crowd-?
a) aueyance
b) autience
c) audience
d) oudyince

What does the prefix -re- mean?
a) again
b) before
c) old
d) alive

A device for sending a written message over long distances using an electrical signal.
a) acronym
b) telegraph
c) phonetics
d) graphology

What do the suffixes SION AND TION do to words?
a) turn nouns into verbs
b) make verbs into nouns
c) create images
d) make definitions

Which word is spelled correctly?
a) photographer
b) fotographer
c) photografer
d) fotografer

What does the prefix PRE mean?
a) after
b) during
c) above
d) before

Which word part means LIKE OR SIMILAR TO?
a) ish
b) tion
c) sion
d) ible

a) photocell
b) pictograph
c) prehistory
d) auditory

Which is the best meaning of the word photosynthesis?
a) The process of making pictures
b) The process of making synthetic materials
c) The process of making food from light
d) The process of making long sentences

What root word means TO PUT ON PAPER?
a) graph
b) tele
c) photo
d) aud

Which one is spelled correctly?
a) oddition
b) audition
c) autograf
d) awditorium

The sound was barely audible because we were so far away. What is the best meaning of the word AUDIBLE?
a) old
b) able to hear
c) to change
d) barely made

Which of the following is spelled correctly?
a) telefoto
b) tellaphoto
c) telephoto
d) telyfoto

If a man says he is a Texan, what does this mean?
a) He has a lot of cows.
b) His father was from Texas.
c) He is currently in Texas.
d) He is from Texas.

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