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if an object has a mass of 10g and a volume of 2ml waht is the density?
a) 20g/ml
b) 5g/ml
c) 5g/l
d) 8g/ml

if an object has a force of 15N and a volume of 3 square inches what is the pressure?
a) 15n/square in
b) 5N/square in
c) 3 psi
d) 5psi

a liquid has a density of 10g/ml and a depth of 50 feet what is the liquid pressure?
a) 50g/ml/ft
b) 500g/ml/ft
c) 60g/ml/ft
d) 50ft/g/ml

if an object weighs 10N with bouyant force of 8N what will happen to it?
a) float
b) sink
c) hover in the middle

an object weights 5N with a bouyant force of 5N what will happen to it?
a) float
b) sink
c) hover in the middle

an object has a weight of 6N with a bouyant force of 10N what will happen to it?
a) float
b) sink
c) hover in the middle

what principle stated that an objects bouyant force is proportional to the weight of the liquid it displaces?
a) archimedes
b) boyle
c) pascal
d) bernoulli

who said that at the same temperatue, pressure and volume have an inverse relationship
a) boyle
b) archimedes
c) bernoulli
d) pascal

at the same temp, at time 1 the volume of a gas was 10L and a pressure of 5N. at time 2 the volume was 25L and the pressure was what?
a) 2N
b) 25N
c) 2n/l
d) 25n/l

a hot air balloon has a lift of 15 N is pushed left with a force of 4N right with a force of 4N and weights 10N. What happens to it
a) rises
b) falls
c) moves left
d) moves right

who said that as you increase the speed of a liquid you decrease the pressure
a) bernoulli
b) pascal
c) boyle
d) archimedes

is an object has a density of 5g/l and a volume of 6l what is the mass
a) 30g
b) 30g/l
c) 11g
d) 11g/l

what is the pressure of an object is the force is 4N and the area is 3 square inches
a) 12N/square inch
b) 4N/suare inch
c) 1N/square inch
d) 12 lbs/in

at the same temp. time1 pressure= 8N and the volume is 4L at time2 volume is 16L and the pressure is?
a) 2N
b) 2L
c) 8N
d) 8L

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