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Who is Captain?
a) Helen's father
b) Helen's half-brother
c) teacher at Perkins
d) Helen's teacher

Which of these statements is false about Annie Sullivan?
a) She is stubborn like Helen
b) She had a brother in an asylum
c) She is Helen's teacher
d) She believes Helen's worst handicap is her lack of knowledge

Which of these statements is true about Helen?
a) Helen punches Annie on only one occasion
b) Helen receives a doll from the blind children at Perkins
c) Helen's first spoken word was ma-ma
d) Helen teaches Annie how to crochet

Kate loses Helen to Annie when Helen learns to spell
a) friend
b) Annie
c) teacher
d) doll

Helen signals for her mother by
a) punching Annie
b) crying
c) folding her napkin
d) touching her cheek

After the miracle of Helen's understanding, the voice of Annie's brother Jimmie
a) continues to haunt Annie
b) appears to be silenced
c) is heard by Helen
d) no longer upsets Annie, although she continues to hear it

At the beginning of the play, who states that Helen belongs in an institution?
a) Aunt Ev
b) Captain
c) James
d) Annie

After Helen understands her first word, she
a) repeats it over and over
b) tries to learn the word for every object she can touch
c) teaches the word to her mother
d) asks for cake

At her homecoming meal, Helen
a) displays her new table manners
b) demonstrates her skills in sign language
c) is affectionate to Annie
d) becomes wild again as she tests her parents and Annie

The language Annie taught Helen is called
a) pantomime
b) gesturing
c) Braille
d) the manual alphabet, or fingerspelling

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