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When an object's distance from another object is changing
a) it is in motion
b) it is speeding
c) it has a high velocity
d) it is accelerating

If you know the distance an object has traveled in a certain amount of time, you can determine
a) the size of the object
b) the speed of the object
c) the location of the object
d) the velocity of the object

Jim rides a bike at the speed of 50 mph, if the race is 500 miles, how long will it take to finish the race?
a) 10 hours
b) 100 hours
c) 10 mph
d) 25000 hours

When you know both the speed and the direction of an object's motion, you know the
a) average speed of the object
b) acceleration of the object
c) distance the object has traveled
d) velocity of the object

If the speed of an object does NOT change, the object is traveling at a
a) constant speed
b) average speed
c) increasing speed
d) decreasing speed

Clifford ran away from home. He ran 10 miles in 30 minutes. What was Clifford's speed?
a) 300 mpm
b) .3 mpm
c) 3 mpm
d) 30 mpm

What is an example of deceleration?
a) a bird taking off for flight
b) a baseball released by a pitcher
c) a car approaching a red light
d) an airplane following a straight flight path.

The rate at which velocity changes is called
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) direction
d) motion

If an object moves in the same direction and at a constant speed - what is true?
a) the object's speed changed for four hours
b) the object's velocity did not change
c) the object accelerated for four hours
d) the object decelerated for four hours.

Nick got a skateboard! He could go from rest to 10 m/s. It took 5 seconds to reach this speed.
a) 5 m/s
b) 5 m/s/s
c) 2 m/s/s
d) 2 m/s

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