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Peace was made between what country and Israel due to President Carter?
a) Egypt
b) Palestine
c) Iran
d) Jordan

PLO stands for
a) People Liberating Operation
b) Peace Living Others
c) Palestinian Liberation Organization
d) Palestinian Living Organization

Who won the first war between the Arabs and the Palestinians?
a) Israelis
b) Arabs
c) Muslims
d) Palestinans

Jews wanted their homeland back and to call it
a) Israel
b) Palestine
c) Iraq
d) Zion

The treaty that broke up the Ottoman was
a) Treaty of Sevres
b) Treaty of Camp David
c) Treaty of United Nations
d) Treaty of Versailles

Ottoman Empire was mostly this religion
a) Islam
b) Christian
c) Jew
d) Hindu

Ottoman Empire Collapsed and this country formed
a) Turkey
b) Iraq
c) Iran
d) Syria

The leaders of the Ottoman Empire
a) sultans
b) kings
c) emperors
d) dictators

Israel won ........vs the Arabs
a) all the wars
b) none of the wars
c) only 2 but lost 4
d) won the first and lost the next 3

Suleiman was the nicknamed
a) The magnifecent
b) The terrible
c) the good
d) Allah

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