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Organization of people who seek to achieve goals common to its members through the exercise of political power.
a) Political Party
b) Platform
c) Bias
d) Officeholders

Government has two main political party.
a) Two-party system
b) Independent Voter
c) Op-ed
d) Political Center

A voter who does not align him or herself with a political part .
a) Independent voter
b) Propaganda
c) Political Party
d) Bias

A list of the values and actions which are supported by a political party.
a) Platform
b) plank
c) independent voter
d) finance reform

Anyone of the stated principles or objectives comprising the political platform of a party campaigning for an election.
a) plank
b) Electors
c) Platform
d) Two-party system

An official responsible for keeping a register or official records .
a) Registrar
b) Political Center
c) Electorate
d) Officeholders

Used to promote or publicize a particular political cause.
a) Propaganda
b) Plank
c) Platform
d) Finance Reform

Increasing dependence on expensive television advertisements.
a) Finance Reform
b) Political Party
c) Independent Voter
d) Two-party system

One sided view printed in a newpaper
a) op-ed
b) Bias
c) Electors
d) Registrar

A person who has the right to vote in an election.
a) Electors
b) Political Party
c) Plank
d) Op-ed

People who are qualified to vote.
a) electorate
b) Winner-take-all system
c) Plank
d) Platform

A body of electors chosen or appointed by a larger group.
a) Slate of Electors
b) Electorate
c) Bias
d) Political Center

The body who officially elects the President
a) Electoral College
b) Political Center
c) Officeholders
d) Congressional Representation

The vote is not split, the person with the most votes wins.
a) winner-take-all system
b) op--ed
c) electors
d) Bias

In favor or against of one thing
a) Bias
b) Registrar
c) Propaganda
d) Finance Reform

The number of senators and representatives in one state.
a) Congressional Representation
b) Independent Voter
c) Platform
d) Plank

Someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust.
a) Officeholder
b) Political Party
c) Platform
d) Two-party system

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