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Classification Of Living Things.[print questions]

Bacteria do not have a nucleus and are:
a) prokaryotic
b) eukaryotic
c) none of these
d) multicellular

Fungi are:
a) decomposers
b) autotrophs
c) producers
d) none of these

Which of the following are NOT in the plant kingdom?
a) yeast
b) shrub
c) sunflower
d) tree

What is the main difference between plants and fungi?
a) plants are autotrophs and fungi are heterotrophs
b) plants can move but fungi can not
c) fungi have a nucleus but plants do not
d) people eat plants but not fungi

Which scientist developed binomial nomenclature?
a) Linnaeus
b) Aristotle
c) Woese
d) Hooke

What process do most bacteria use to reproduce?
a) binary fission
b) cytokinesis
c) meiosis
d) sexual reproduction

Who was the first to develop the classification system?
a) Aristotle
b) Hooke
c) Darwin
d) Linnaeus

Organisms are not classified according to:
a) how they reproduce
b) the presence or absence of cellular structures
c) how they get food
d) whether they are single celled or multicellular

Which kingdom contains plant-like, animal like, and fungus like?
a) protist
b) fungi
c) Plants
d) animals

Who developed the three domain system?
a) Woese
b) Lamark
c) Aristotle
d) Mendel

What is the first part of a scientific name?
a) genus
b) species
c) class
d) order

What is the smallest classification category?
a) species
b) class
c) order
d) genus

What is the largest classification category?
a) kingdom
b) class
c) order
d) genus

All are eukaryotic except:
a) eubacteria
b) fungi
c) animal
d) plants

algae belongs to:
a) protist
b) fungi
c) Plants
d) animals

Yeast, mushrooms, molds and mildews belong to:
a) fungi
b) plant
c) animal
d) protist

Produces seeds in cones
a) Conifers
b) Angiosperms
c) Flowering plants
d) Fungi

Another name for a flowering plant is:
a) angiosperm
b) gymnosperm
c) conifers
d) spruce

Plants are autotrophs because they:
a) can make their own food
b) can not make their own food
c) can move
d) are decomposers

Mosses and ferns reproduce by:
a) spores
b) seeds
c) magic
d) none of these

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