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Types And Properties Of Wave Energy.[print questions]

Through which medium does sound travel the fastest?
a) air
b) steel
c) steam
d) water

Tectonic activity causes potential energy to build up in the crust. An earthquake occurs when this potential energy is released within the crust. Which statement best describes what happens when the energy is released?
a) It generates seismic waves that spread out in all directions around Earth.
b) It generates heat waves that affect climate changes around Earth.
c) It generates changes in the magnetic field of Earth.
d) It generates changes in the orbiting speed of Earth.

The speed of sound through air increases as the:
a) density of the air increases
b) temperature of the air increases
c) loudness of the sound increases
d) pitch of the sound increases

Which describes what happens when sound waves become louder?
a) the wavelength decreases from top to bottom
b) the wavelength stays the same from top to bottom
c) the wavelength increases from bottom to top
d) the wavelength decreases from bottom to top.

An apple appears red when struck by white light. This appearance is because the red light is reflected and the other colors are absorbed. What color will this apple appear to be when struck by blue light?
a) black
b) blue
c) red
d) white

Which of the following is the best description of a control for an experiment?
a) The control group is kept in an unchanging environment.
b) The control group is left alone by those experimenting.
c) The control group is matched with the experimental group except for the one experimental variable.
d) The control group is exposed to only one variable rather than several

Why is it important that an experiment include a control group?
a) The control group is the group the researcher is in control of, the group in which the researcher predetermines the results.
b) The control group provides a backup plan of experimental subjects
c) A control group assures that an experiment will be able to be repeated.
d) Without a control group, there is no basis for knowing if a particular result is due to the variable being tested.

What is the primary reason for including a control in the design of an experiment?
a) to demonstrate in what way the experiment was performed incorrectly
b) to ensure that the results obtained are due to a difference in only one variable
c) to provide more data so that one can analyze the statistics carefully
d) to test the effect of more than one variable

The dependent variable in an experiment
a) is the variable that the scientist changes
b) is the variable that the scientist keeps the same in each step
c) is not an important part of all science experiments
d) changes in response to the change the scientists makes to the independent variable

Which of the following is true of the independent variable in an experiment?
a) It is not an important part of all science experiments.
b) It is the variable in an experiment that is changed in order to test the hypothesis.
c) There is no difference between the dependent variable and the independent variable.
d) It must always prove the hypothesis of an experiment correct.

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