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How would you describe a need?
a) Something we can't live without
b) Something we would like to have

What would a bowl of ice cream be considered?
a) A need
b) A want

Are potato chips a sometimes food, a never food, or an always food?
a) A never food
b) A sometimes food
c) An always food

Which food group is not needed for us to live healthy lives?
a) Fruits
b) Vegetables
c) Protein
d) Sugar

Which of these items is a need?
a) Video games
b) Flat screen TV
c) A bed
d) Toys

Which of these items is a want?
a) Water
b) A home
c) A bed
d) A candy bar

When you buy an item, is it necessary to pay for it?
a) No
b) Yes

What is considered a need when packing for vacation?
a) A map
b) Toys
c) A pool

What is considered a want when packing for vacation?
a) Sunscreen
b) A map
c) A suitcase
d) A toy

What is an example of a healthy habit?
a) Waking up late
b) Going to sleep late
c) Having an apple for a snack
d) Watching TV all day

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