Civil War By Abbie Question Preview (ID: 26882)

Civil WAR.

after the cotton gin was created.......
a) slavery grew in the south
b) slavery stopped
c) nobody bought the cotton gin
d) slavery decreced by 50%

the north economy was based on
a) manufactucing
b) agricultures
c) slaves
d) all of the above

the south reliyed on
a) slaves
b) agriculture
c) the north
d) nothing

the north and south didn't like...
a) states rights
b) tariffs
c) slaves
d) a and b

what did the Missouri compromise do?
a) determine how slavery would stop
b) stop slavrey
c) determine what states would be free and what states would not.
d) stop slaves from esaping

what did nat turners rebilon do?
a) make slaves free
b) make southers pass laws to control free and enslaved blacks
c) kill slave owners
d) c and b

what was john browns raid?
a) he helped nat turner
b) was a conducter on underground railroad
c) trreid to move slavery to the north
d) he tried to attack a army post at harpers ferry

what was the attack on fort sumpter
a) abarham lincoln gave a southern fort to the northeners and the south fouhgt to get it back and won
b) the beginng of the civil war
c) president lincons murder
d) a and b

how man early battels did the union or north win
a) 5
b) 28
c) 0
d) 4

how many early battles did the confedrate or south win
a) 3
b) 40
c) 6
d) 9

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