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Why didn't all 3 colonial regions have the economic industries?
a) They all had bad soil
b) All 3 regions Did have the same economic industries
c) Because economy is based on the natural resources in the geography
d) Most of the regions were in the Rocky Mountains

What is Free Enterprise?
a) The government owns the colonists business
b) Colonists could own their own business
c) The businesses gave free products to everyone
d) All of the Above

What were the causes for the deaths of some of the settlers in Jamestown?
a) It was too hot
b) Civil War
c) Disease, Starvation, Battles with the Indians, Harsh winters
d) The land was too wet and soggy for planting

What is the name of the map that shows products imported and exported between America, Africa and Europe?
a) The Bermuda Triangle
b) The Triangular Trade Route
c) The Underground Railroad
d) The New World Order

What are the cardinal directions?
a) Longitude, Latitude
b) Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest
c) Never, Eat, Soggy, Waffles
d) North, East, South, West

Who was the founder of Rhode Island?
a) John Smith
b) William Penn
c) Roger Williams
d) William Bradford

Which colony did William Bradford govern?
a) New York
b) Connecticut
c) Jamestown
d) Plymouth

Pennsylvania was founded by...
a) William Bradford
b) William Penn
c) Ann Hutchinson
d) Squanto

Anne Hutchinson...
a) Was the founder of Pennsylvania
b) Is the founder of the Puritan church
c) Spoke out against the Puritan church and was expelled
d) Was the founder of Rhode Island

Why was Georgia colonized?
a) A. To give debtors a place to work of their debt
b) B. To serve as a border between the Spanish colony in Florida and the 13 Colonies
c) Both A and B
d) Neither A nor B

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