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Who said, 'If you don't work, you don't eat'?
a) Roger Williams
b) John Rolfe
c) William Bradford
d) John Smith

Why didn't all 3 colonial regions have the economic industries?
a) They all had bad soil
b) All 3 regions Did have the same economic industries
c) Because economy is based on the natural resources in the geography
d) Most of the regions were in the Rocky Mountains

What is Free Enterprise?
a) The government owns the colonists business
b) Colonists could own their own business
c) The businesses gave free products to everyone
d) All of the Above

The 1st Legislative Assembly of elected representatives was called...
a) The House of Representatives
b) Congress
c) The House of Burgesses
d) Senate

Because the New England colonies were on the water...
a) The water allowed the soil to be perfect for farming
b) The colonists were excellent swimmers
c) Shipbuilding, whaling and fishing were important economic industries
d) They were nicknamed the Breadbasket

What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
a) The 1st legislative government
b) An agreement the Pilgrims signed to determine how they would govern the colony
c) A treaty between the Indians and the settlers
d) There is no such thing as a Mayflower Compact

Which colonial Region was nicknamed the Breadbasket?
a) St. Augustine
b) The Southern Colonies
c) The Middle Colonies
d) The New England Colonies

What is a cash crop?
a) Crops grown only for a family
b) Subsistence agriculture
c) Crops grown and sold for profit
d) Crops that grow money

What was the 1st permanent European settlement in North America?
a) Plymouth, Massachusetts
b) Massachusetts Bay Colony
c) Jamestown
d) St. Augustine

Which country settled St. Augustine?
a) Spain
b) England
c) France
d) Europe

Why was St. Augustine settled?
a) To find gold
b) To convert the Indians to Christianity
c) The English king wanted a new colony
d) The French emperor wanted a new colony

Why did Pilgrims sail to the New World?
a) They wanted to practice their religion their own way
b) They didn't like the King
c) They wanted to look for gold
d) They loved to travel

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