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Carmen, Nicolas, and Luanne are each reading a different book of poetry. Carmen’s book has 119 poems, Nicolas’s book has 383 poems, and Luanne’s book has 17 poems. What is the total number of poems in the three books?
a) 416 poems
b) 419 poems
c) 516 poems
d) 519 poems

To add 40 + 75 + 25, Crystal first added 75 and 25. Which property did Crystal use to add mentally?
a) Associative Property of Addition
b) Commutative Property of Addition
c) Distributive Property
d) Identity Property of Addition

Timmy bought a dictionary that contains 281,215 words. What is this number rounded to the nearest ten thousand?
a) 28,000
b) 280,000
c) 560,000
d) 2,800,000

Australia has an area of about 2,966,000 square miles. What is the square miles rounded to the nearest hundred thousand?
a) 2,800,000 square miles
b) 2,966,000 square miles
c) 2,967,000 square miles
d) 3,000,000 square miles

Sue used estimation to find the difference between two numbers. Which difference is about 10?
a) 33.2 – 28.4
b) 70.3 – 59.7
c) 65.7 – 65.6
d) 42.5 – 16.8

In 1979, Miss May’s Muffins had 419 employees. Twenty years later, in 1999, the company had 682 employees. What is an estimate for the difference between the number of employees the company had in 1979 and 1999?
a) about 200 employees
b) about 300 employees
c) about 400 employess
d) about 500 employees

What is the sum of 7.535 and 29.02?
a) 10.437
b) 26.555
c) 36.555
d) 104.37

Gary is buying two posters. One poster costs $5.43 and the second costs $13.36. How much more does the second cost than the first?
a) $0.79
b) $7.93
c) $8.72
d) $18.79

Herman bought a sweater for $28 and a shirt for $13. Which is a way to find out how much change he would get from $50?
a) Add 50 to the difference of 28 and 13.
b) Add 13 to the difference of 50 and 28.
c) Subtract the difference of 28 and 13 from 50.
d) Subtract the sum of 28 and 13 from 50.

Deanna bought 2 caps for $9 each and 2 belts for $13 each. How much did she spend in all?
a) $22
b) $33
c) $26
d) $44

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