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time and place of a work of literature
a) setting
b) alliteration
c) figure of speech
d) personification

repetition of same or similar consonant sounds in words close together
a) alliteration
b) figure of speech
c) metaphor
d) simile

expression that is not literally true
a) figure of speech
b) alliteriation
c) simile
d) metaphor

comparison of two unlike things without using like, as, than, or resembles
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) rhythm
d) foreshadowing

comparison of two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) refrain
d) foreshadowing

regularly repeated phrase
a) refrain
b) onomaopoeia
c) rhythm
d) setting

use of words with sounds that echo their sense; the word is the sound it represents
a) onomatopoeia
b) alliteration
c) setting
d) refrain

The use of clues to suggest things that will happen later
a) foreshadowing
b) alliteration
c) setting
d) rhythm

giving human-like characteristics to things not human
a) personification
b) foreshadowing
c) figure of speech
d) onomatopoeia

musical quality produced by the repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables
a) rhythm
b) refrain
c) metaphor
d) simile

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