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What bone is located on the lateral side of the lower leg?
a) tibia
b) fibula
c) femur
d) humerus

What word means near the surface?
a) deep
b) under
c) superficial
d) anterior

Which is an example of a ball and socket joint?
a) shoulder
b) elbow
c) knee
d) neck

What is the anatomical name for the shin bone?
a) femur
b) fibula
c) calcaneous
d) tibia

What connects 2 bones together?
a) tendons
b) fascia
c) muscle
d) ligaments

What is the study of how the body works/functions called?
a) anatomy
b) physiology
c) biology
d) chemistry

What are the cells that BREAK DOWN old bone called?
a) osteoblast
b) osteocytes
c) osteoclast
d) osteochondroma

What system is responsible for all body movements?
a) muscular
b) skeletal
c) digestive
d) lymphatic

What system carries hormonal messages?
a) skeletal
b) muscular
c) nervous
d) endocrine

What are free floating bones called?
a) oval
b) special
c) seasmoid
d) long

What cells BUILD new bone?
a) osteoblast
b) osteocytes
c) osteoclast
d) osteochondroma

What are the 2 functions of the skeletal system?
a) movement and talking
b) hormones and skin
c) blood circulation and breathing
d) support and protect

How many bones are in the average adult?
a) over 300
b) 100
c) 206
d) 505

What system gets rid of waste through urine?
a) muscular
b) nervous
c) excretory
d) endocrine

What system is made up of hair, skin, and nails?
a) skeletal
b) cardiovascular
c) integumentary
d) digesitve

How long is the digestive system?
a) 28 ft
b) 28 in
c) 300 mi
d) 1 mm

What is the study of the structure and parts of the body called?
a) physiology
b) anatomy
c) biology
d) chemistry

What is the anatomical name for the knee cap?
a) femur
b) patella
c) tibia
d) posture

What is the longest and strongest bone in the body?
a) humerus
b) clavicle
c) cranium
d) femur

What is the anatomical name for the collar bone?
a) femur
b) tibia
c) clavicle
d) fibula

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