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“The absent no longer entered our thoughts. One spoke of them—who knows what happened to them?—but their fate was not on our minds. We were incapable of thinking. Our senses were numbed, everything was fading into a fog.
a) content
b) optimistic
c) depressing
d) hopeful

“Except for the steady swish of the wind, the farm was very quiet. Jody knew his mother wouldn’t mind if he didn’t go in to eat his lunch. After a little while he went slowly back to the barn. His dog followed him inside and they both curled up in
a) anxious
b) peaceful
c) suspenseful
d) energized

It was a morning of thick fog and the sound of far off waves breaking on the shore. I had never noticed before how silent the village was. Fog crept in and out of the dark, empty huts and it's almost like could hear the voices of the dead and gone.
a) eerie
b) pessimistic
c) hopeful
d) bitter

During the holidays, my mother’s house glittered with decorations and hummed with preparations. We ate cookies and drank cider while we helped her wrap bright packages and trim the tree. We felt warm and excited, listening to Christmas carols .
a) happy
b) anxious
c) jealous
d) romantic

After New Year’s the time came to put all the decorations away and settle in for the long, cold winter. The house seemed to sigh as we boxed up its finery. The tree was dry and brittle, and now waited forlornly by the side of the road for pick up.
a) dreary
b) hopeful
c) cautious
d) tense

As they waited for baseball practice to start, William and Shanell saw a man laying on the ground. His pants and shirt were faded, worn, and too large for his thin frame. The kids decided to help him and give him a nice surprise.
a) detached
b) bitter
c) disappointed
d) inspired

Old Mother West Wind had gone to her day’s work, leaving all the Merry Little Breezes to play in the Green Meadows. They had played tag and run races with the Bees and played hide and seek with the Sun Beams, and now they had gathered around to nap.
a) restless
b) carefree
c) gloomy
d) suspensful

My heart is like a singing bird whose nest is a weathered shoot; My heart is like an apple-tree whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit; My heart is like a rainbow shell that paddles in peaceful sea; My heart is gladder than all of these!
a) sorrow
b) happiness
c) excitement
d) nervousness

There go the loves that dry up, the old loves with wearier wings; And all dead years draw there and disastrous things; Dead dreams of days forsaken, blind buds that snows have shaken, wild leaves that winds have taken, weeps that no love endures.
a) wasteful
b) happiness
c) sadness and despair
d) mistrust

What is the tone of the following passage? The alarm buzzed. Jordan smashed her fist down on it--hard. It flew off the nightstand and bounced off her cat, Armstrong. The cat yowled indignantly and rocketed out the room.
a) eerie
b) sarcastic
c) passionate
d) humourous

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