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The area of a square field is 500 square feet. What is approximate length of each side of the field? Round your answer to the nearest foot.
a) 20
b) 21
c) 22
d) 23

A single little bat eats up to 2000 mosquitoes in a single hour. Express in scientific notation how many mosquitoes a little brown bat might eat in 12.5 hours.
a) 2.5 x 10^4
b) 25 x 10^4
c) 0.25 x 10^4
d) 2.5 x 10^3

The volume of a drop of a certain liquid is 0.0000089 liter. Write the volume of the drop of liquid in scientific notation.
a) 8.9 x 10^-5
b) 0.89 x 10^-5
c) 8.9 x 10^-6
d) 0.89 x 10^-6

When does a table show a direct variation?
a) When the graph does NOT go through the origin.
b) When the graph does go through the origin.
c) When the graph is non-proportional.
d) When the graph is a negative slope.

Cruz earns $62.00 in four hours. Victor earns $75.00 in three hours. Eduardo's hourly rate is less than Victor but more than Cruz. What is his hourly rate?
a) $10.50
b) $15.50
c) $18.50
d) $25.00

Two cars start at the same time at the origin and travel at different constant rates. Jorge's car passes through the point (6, 360) and Monica's car passes through the point (0.5, 30.5). Which car is traveling the fastest?
a) Jorge's Car
b) Monica's Car
c) Both cars are traveling the same speed.

Which equation does NOT represent a direct variation?
a) y = 1/2x
b) y = 1/2x + 3
c) y = -2x
d) y = 6x

Which of the following is a negative rational number that is not an integer?
a) -3.5
b) -4
c) 3/5
d) 1.25

Which of the following is NOT true?
a) √(27)+2 √(9)+4
b) 3π 9
c) √(24)+3 √(10)+6
d) 8-√(36 √(9)+√(3))

Maggie has a large container that holds 9 gallons of water. It begins leaking at a constant rate. After 20 minutes, the container has 5 gallons of water left. After how many minutes will the container be empty?
a) 30 minutes
b) 15 minutes
c) 40 minutes
d) 25 minutes

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