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A mixture of solute and solvent is called a _____________________.
a) equation
b) contraction
c) solution
d) creation

Which of these statements is true?
a) Diffusion can only occur in living things.
b) Diffusion can only occur in non-living things.
c) Diffusion can occur in both living and non-living things.
d) Diffusion can only occur in liquids.

The diffusion of water is called __________.
a) conduction
b) osmosis
c) reaction
d) cytosis

During osmosis, when a solute is involved, water will move to an area of ____________________.
a) high water concentration
b) high solvent concentration
c) low solute concentration
d) high solute concentration

The substance that is doing the dissolving is called a ________________.
a) mixture
b) solution
c) solute
d) solvent

The substance that is being dissolved is called a _______________.
a) solute
b) solvent
c) solution
d) mixture

Students placed a raw egg without its shell into a highly concentrated solution of sugar. If the amount of sugar in the solution is greater than in the egg, which of these is most likely to occur?
a) Water will flow out of the egg and cause the egg to shrink.
b) Water will flow into the egg and cause the egg to expand.
c) The sugar will break the egg into pieces.
d) The sugar will dissolve the egg.

A blood cell is placed in a salt solution that has twice the salt concentration of normal blood plasma. Which of these will most likely happen to the blood cell?
a) The blood cell will expand as water enters through the cell membrane.
b) The blood cell will shrink as salt moves out through the cell membrane.
c) The blood cell will expand as salt enters through the cell membrane.
d) The blood cell will shrink as water moves out through the cell membrane.

Once diffusion has started, it will continue until ________________ is reached.
a) isolation
b) concentration
c) solution
d) equilibrium

Which statement best describes particle movement during simple diffusion?
a) Particles move in a way that keeps them as close to each other as possible.
b) Particles move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
c) Particles move out of a cell when the cell becomes full.
d) Particles move in and out of a cell at a constant rate.

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