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Slope Scientific Notation Real Numbers.[print questions]

A line passes through these two points (1,-1) and (4,11), what is the equation of the line? Use menu 814 strategy.
a) y=2x
b) y=-4x+5
c) y=4x-5
d) y=6x

In the equation y=2x+3. What is the slope?
a) 2
b) 5
c) 3
d) 5x

In the equation y=2x+3, which is the y-intercept?
a) 2
b) 7
c) 3
d) y

What is the y intercept in the equation y=-7+3x?
a) 3
b) -7
c) y
d) x

What is the slope in the equation y=9-3x?
a) y
b) 9
c) 3
d) -3

A line passes through these two points (2,11) and (4,17), what is the equation of the line? Use menu 814 strategy.
a) y=4x
b) y=2x+7
c) y=-5x+3
d) y=3x+5

Maggie has a large container that holds 9 gallons of water. It begins leaking at a constant rate. After 20 minutes, the container has 5 gallons of water left. After how many minutes will the container be empty?
a) 30 minutes
b) 15 minutes
c) 40 minutes
d) 25 minutes

Jorge earns $50.25 in three hours. Brenda earns $45.00 in three hours. Monica's hourly rate is less than Jorge's but more than Brenda's. What is her hourly rate?
a) $15.00
b) $15.25
c) $18.00
d) $17.25

Which of the following is a negative rational number that is not an integer?
a) -3.5
b) -4
c) 3/5
d) 4.25

Which number is between π and √(14)
a) 3.11
b) 3.1
c) 3.567
d) 3.89

It takes 5.5 ounces of milk to make 77 cupcakes. What is the unit rate of this proportional relationship?
a) 13 cupcakes per oz
b) 14 cupcakes per oz
c) 15 cupcakes per oz
d) 16 cupcakes per oz

Which equation does NOT respresent a direct variation?
a) y=(1/4)x
b) y=-4x
c) y=5x+1
d) y=6x

Two cars start at the same time at the origin and travel at different constant rate. Car A passes through (6,360) and Car B passes through (0.5,30.5). which car is traveling faster?
a) Car A
b) Car B

The mass of ant is 0.004 grams. Which expression shows the numerical value of the mass in grams?
a) 4.0x10^(-2)
b) 4.0x10^(-3)
c) 4.0x10^(-1)
d) 4.0x10^(-4)

Population in California is 38,080,000. Write in scientific notation.
a) 38.08x10^(6)
b) 3.808x10^(6)
c) 3.808x10^(7)
d) 38.08x10^(7)

The area of a baseball diamond is about 8,200 square feet. What is the approximate length of each side of field? Round your answer to the nearest foot.
a) 90 feet
b) 4,100 feet
c) 2,100 feet
d) 91 feet

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