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Cleavage of a mineral is related to a mineral's
a) weight
b) crystalline structure
c) chemical composition
d) luster

When limestone is exposed to enough heat and pressure, it goes through physical changes. These changes can turn limestone into a different kind of rock called marble. Which of these BEST describes marble?
a) metamorphic rock
b) intrusive igneous rock
c) extrusive igneous rock
d) sedimentary rock

A student wants to study how igneous rock changes to sedimentary rock. Is this a good project if the student needs to complete the study within a month?
a) Yes because the changes will happen quickly and be significant.
b) Yes because the changes will be easily observed since they are very obvious.
c) No because the difference between igneous rock and sedimentary rock is not noticeable.
d) No because the changes will take much longer than a month to occur.

Which type of rock is most likely to be formed by the cooling of magma underground?
a) limestone
b) basalt
c) granite
d) gneiss

Which would be LEAST helpful to scientists trying to find evidence that Earth is very old?
a) studying fossils
b) measuring radioactivity in rocks
c) examining continental drift
d) recording animal migration

To find the absolute age of the fossil shells, the geologist would use
a) seismic mapping
b) magnetic imaging
c) radioactive isotopes
d) satellite imagery

Fossils of marine plants and animals were found high above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains. What does this fossil evidence tell us about the past of that mountainous area?
a) Sea level was much higher.
b) Many volcanoes erupted in that location.
c) The area was once sediment under the ocean.
d) The area was once part of another continent.

Which of these objects was made from a nonrenewable resource?
a) cotton shirt
b) motor oil
c) wooden table
d) paper bag

As wind, rain, and snow break down rocky mountain peaks, ___ will form.
a) lava flows
b) rivers
c) sediments
d) metamorphic rock

Which of the following is the raw material from which sedimentary rocks are formed?
a) ice and snow
b) weathered remains of other rocks
c) crystalline structures
d) molten rock

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