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The word Aquatic means relating to, or being in____
a) water
b) space
c) an aquarium
d) a solid state

Portable means
a) able to be carried
b) able to be in water
c) small
d) able to be seen

a geologist studies
a) the earth
b) geometry
c) jewels
d) space

Corporal punishment involves hurting
a) the body
b) the psyche
c) the army
d) the corporation

a pedometer measures
a) footsteps
b) bicycle laps
c) height
d) distance

a lunar spacecraft landed on
a) the Moon
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) an asteroid

A plant that is dormant has
a) gone to sleep
b) died
c) blossomed
d) borne fruit

a creature that is subterranean lives
a) under ground
b) under water
c) under your house
d) under the stars

A bibliophile loves
a) books
b) the Bible
c) dancing
d) children

something that is miniscule is
a) small
b) a rodent
c) an insect
d) large

a chronology is a study of
a) time
b) kings
c) cavemen
d) weather

Astronomy is a study of
a) stars
b) cars
c) bars
d) jars

A megalith is a kind of stone that is
a) large
b) small
c) green
d) round

paper that is photosensitive reacts to
a) light
b) cameras
c) cell phones
d) dark

Apathy means having
a) no feelings
b) poor sense of direction
c) a love of pets
d) small feet

a solstice involves the position of
a) the sun
b) the moon
c) the stars
d) the clouds

an audiologist is a doctor who treats problems with
a) hearing
b) smell
c) taste
d) sight

Tires that hydroplane lose traction due to
a) water
b) poor tread
c) underinflation
d) steering

a seismograph measures earthquakes by
a) writing
b) hearing
c) watching
d) feeling

Anthropologists relate to humans by ________ them.
a) studying
b) scaring
c) helping
d) killing

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