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A New Nation.[print questions]

What was NOT an accomplishment of Jefferson as president?
a) reducing the national debt
b) increasing the size of the military
c) purchasing the Louisiana territory

The expedition of Lewis and Clark gathered much scientific information about the Louisiana territory. Which was NOT a result of the expedition?
a) detailed map of the region
b) a water route to the Pacific Ocean
c) information about the geography and animals of the regions

What grants the courts the power to determine if a law or government action is unconstituional?
a) judicial review
b) legislative review
c) judicial jury

If a law unconstitutional, the law
a) was written before the Constitution
b) appears in the Constitution
c) violates some provision in the Constitution

Each branch of the government has certain powers to watch the other branches and keep them from becoming too powerful. What is this system called?
a) powers and branches
b) rule of law
c) checks and balances

Article 1 of the Bill of Rights protects which of the following rights?
a) freedom of religion, freedom of speech
b) freedom of peacefully assemble, freedom to criticze others
c) freedom of the press, freedom to say anything

The Judicial Branch of the United States government
a) arrests those who break the law
b) interprets the law
c) carries out the law

As the highest court in the United States, the Supreme Court
a) determines if a law is unconstitutional
b) elects the next president of the United States
c) is the final authority on a bill becoming a law

What 1798 law made it a crime to criticize the government or government workers under penalty of fines or imprisonment
a) Alien Acts
b) Sedition Acts
c) Virginia Resolution Acts

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson believed that the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional. They wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions arguing that
a) the federal government had to change unconstitutional laws
b) the federal government did not have to obey a law if it believed that law to be unconstitutional
c) a state did not have to obey a law if it believed that law to be unconstitutional

What laws passed in 1798 allowed the president to expel foreigners from the United States?
a) the Alien Acts
b) the Sedition Act
c) the Kentucky Resolution Acts

John Adams proudly appointed John Marshall as chief justice of the Supreme Court. Which of the following does NOT describe Marshall?
a) served 34 years as chief justice
b) he made judiciary an equal third branch of the government
c) he argued and won over a million cases before becoming chief justice

Who did John Adams consider his best friend and never failing support?
a) his wife Abigail
b) his son John Quincy Adams
c) his vice president, Thomas Jefferson

As a Federalist, President John Adams believed in
a) a strong central government
b) a weak central government
c) as little government as possible

Which of the following does NOT describe John Adams
a) second president of the United States
b) Vice President of the United States
c) first secretary of the navy

President John Adams
a) kept America ouf of the war between France and England
b) declared war on France and England
c) kept the federal government weak

What Shoshone guide assisted Lewis and Clark on their expedition of the Louisiana Territory
a) Sacajawea
b) York
c) Tecumseh

York was an important member of the Lewis and CLark expedition to the Louisiana Territory. Who was York?
a) enslaved African American
b) military leader of the expedition
c) William Clark's partner for the expedition

Napoleon sold the French territory of Louisiana to the United States for what reason?
a) pay his gambling debts
b) to buy land in Canada
c) to finance his war with England

By the early 1800's, why did few Native Americans tribes remain in the thirteen original states?
a) Native American tribes had moved west to follow the buffalo
b) White settlement pushed Native American tribes west off their ancestral land
c) Native American tribes moved west in search of a better climate

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