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I am the field of psychology dedicated to identifying and helping students who have problems that interfere with learning.
a) educational psychology
b) counseling psychology
c) school psychology
d) developmental psychology

I am the field of psychology concerned with the changes that occur throughout a person’s life span.
a) developmental psychology
b) school psychology
c) clinical psychology
d) community psychology

I am the field of psychology that focuses on conducting research through experiments.
a) counseling psychology
b) educational psychology
c) industrial psychology
d) experimental psychology

A _______________ is a medical doctor who can prescribe medication.
a) psychiatrist
b) scientist
c) biologist
d) psychologist

As the founder of the school of ______________, Watson defined psychology as the scientific study of observable behavior. B.F.Skinner added to this by introducing the conept of reinforcement (people or animals behave a certain way because they have r
a) behaviorism
b) psychodynamic thinking
c) gestalt psychology
d) functionalism

Who founded psychoanalysis (emphasizes the importance of unconscious motives and internal conflicts in determining and understanding human behavior)?
a) John. B. Watson
b) Sigmund Freud
c) William James
d) Wilhelm Wundt

What is the school of psychology that describes experience as a whole, rather than breaking it down into parts, it\'s based on the idea that our perceptions of objects are more than the sums of their parts?
a) gestalt
b) psychoanalysis
c) structuralism
d) behaviorism

What perspective emphasizes the influence of biology on human behavior?
a) humanistic perspective
b) cognitive perspective
c) learning perspective
d) biological perspective

What is the psychological perspective that focuses on the evolution of behavior and mental processes?
a) functionalist perspective
b) evolutionary perspective
c) sociocultural perspective
d) humanistic perspective

What perspective emphasizes the role that thoughts play in determining behavior?
a) biopsychosocial perspective
b) biological perspective
c) cognitive perspective
d) learning perspective

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