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What is the name of the eastern mountain range in Peru? (Because of it, most people live on the Western Coast.)
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Andes Mountains
c) The Himalayas
d) The Sierras

Most countries in South America are considered economically developed. One reason shy many South American countries limit the power of government is in order to-
a) so that their leaders can retain the power
b) promote economic freedoms
c) so the people do not make bad economic decisions
d) to limit human rights

What cultural trait distinguishes Brazil from most other South American countries?
a) Language
b) Religion
c) Government
d) Economy

Enslaved Africans that were brought to South America for work were also responsible for the cultural diffusion of many new popular forms of ...
a) government styles
b) religions
c) languages
d) dance, food, and music

How did colonists change the character of the South American region?
a) Religion and language patterns changed significantly.
b) They became friends with the native Incas.
c) They adopted the religious practices of the indigenous people.
d) They became friends with the Incas.

The colonial powers of Spain and Portugal were considered unlimited governments. In what way did these unlimited governments engage in an abuse of human rights?
a) They changed the language of South America.
b) They spread their religion (Roman Catholicism) in South America.
c) They spread slavery to South America.
d) They advocated human rights.

What is one thing that the Columbian Exchange introduced to South America?
a) cattle ranching
b) avocados
c) government
d) religion

What country colonized Brazil?
a) France
b) England
c) Portugal
d) The United States

Which technological innovation gave Spanish conquistadors an advantage against the indigenous (native) populations of South America?
a) Medicine
b) Firearms and Weapons
c) Ships
d) Shoes

What is the name of the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incan Empire?
a) Francisco Pizzaro
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Barack Obama
d) Magellan

Because the Andes Mountains are located along the Eastern border of Peru and Chile -
a) the people live in the east
b) most people live along the west coast
c) no one is allowed to cross borders
d) there are no resources available in the region

What country does the Amazon River basin primarily cover?
a) Bolivia
b) Brazil
c) Chile
d) Peru

What geographic feature helps Peru and Chile to protect their eastern boundary?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Amazon River
d) Andes Mountains

Which country did the Dirty War take place in?
a) Brazil
b) Peru
c) Argentina
d) Venezuela

The Dirty War demonstrates the power of unlimited government, because -
a) citizens' rights were protected
b) people's rights to protest were taken away
c) military and police had more power
d) the environment was damaged

The Mothers of the Disappeared thought -
a) it is important to have unlimited government
b) the power of government should be limited to limit possible human rights abuses
c) we should have military take-overs if people do not like the government
d) it is best to allow the government to make all business decisions

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