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Cells differentiate because of
a) lipid membranes
b) genes/dna
c) osmosis brings water in
d) hypotonic solutions

Cancer leads to
a) tumors
b) allergies
c) hemophilia
d) heart disease

Cancer is when the cell _____
a) Doesn't respond to CHECKPOINTS and grows uncontrollably
b) When you get sick from biomolecules
c) Carbohydrates take over the cells immune system
d) Cells grow and divide normally

The phase of the cell cycle where DNA is replicated is called the :
a) G1 Phase
b) S phase
c) G2 Phase
d) Mitosis

If a cell has 14 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will a daughter cell have after mitosis?
a) 7
b) 13
c) 14
d) 28

Which organelle creates proteins?
a) ribosome
b) nucleus
c) lysosome
d) mitochondria

Water always likes to move to the ______.
a) Higher concentration of particles
b) Lower concentration of particles
c) Water doesn't like to move
d) All of the above

The role of photosynthesis in plant cells is to __________
a) create ATP
b) create glucose
c) protect animal cells
d) make plants green

Prokaryotic cells do not have ______.
a) a nucleus
b) DNA
c) ribosomes
d) cytoplasm

How are viruses and cells different?
a) Viruses do not have genetic material
b) Cells have organelles, while viruses do not.
c) Cells are not alive, while viruses are alive
d) Viruses can replicate on their own.

What happens in the S phase in the cell cycle?
a) The cell divides
b) DNA is replicated
c) The chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell
d) The cell grows

Glucose is created in which process?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Respiration
c) Mitosis
d) Synthesis

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