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Which of the following is NOT a mixture
a) Water and salt
b) Rocks and sand
c) Sand and water
d) Water and pebbles

Which of the following is NOT a solution
a) Water and salt
b) Water and sand
c) Water and sugar
d) Water and koolaid mix

A solution is all of the following EXCEPT
a) Evenly dispersed
b) Cannot be separated without a lot of work
c) combination of two substances
d) Can be seperated

Chocolate syrup evenly disperses throughout the milk. Which of the following is like the chocolate milk?
a) iron in water
b) sand in water
c) salt in water
d) rocks in water

Good safety in the lab begins with all of the following EXCEPT
a) Wearing goggles
b) asking for the directions
c) cleaning up spills
d) taking your time

a) can be separated easily
b) dissolve together
c) are solutions
d) are salt and water

Soup is a solution because..
a) There are no chunks
b) You cannot seperate any part
c) Things like salt have dissolved
d) your teacher said so

This can be seperated
a) a solvent
b) a solute
c) a solution
d) a mixture

This is a solution
a) Koolaid
b) salad
c) rocks and sand
d) crayons and mixtures

This is a mixture
a) pudding
b) pebbles and water
c) salt water
d) soda

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