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A hypothesis is
a) educated guess
b) based on intuition than observation
c) a possible solution to a question or a problem
d) drawing conclusions

Sponge Bob, Squidward and Sandy all have colds. Squiward and Sandy are each given a different kind of cold medicine, while Sponge Bob is give a placebo. What does the placebo act as?
a) independent variable
b) control variable
c) dependent variable
d) constant variable

When making a graph, the independent variable is always on the
a) x-axis
b) y-axis
c) z-axis
d) title

The variable that is changed or manipulated in an experiment is
a) independent variable
b) control group
c) constant variable (s)
d) dependent variable

A way to reduce errors in experimentation is through
a) making sure you measure with meter stick
b) conducting multiple trials and calculating an average
c) remaining skeptical
d) analyzing data

A good hypothesis is more than a guess because it
a) is based on inferences
b) states the independent variable
c) states what is likely to happen and makes logical sense based on scientific reasoning
d) has multiple variables

Which step of the scientific method are scientists conducting when photographing lions in the wild?
a) observing
b) hypothesizing
c) drawing conclusions
d) analyzing data

Why is an experiment with two independent variables not valid?
a) there are no constants to tell what really happened
b) It is valid because there are independent variables that can be measured
c) There is no placebo, which serves as a control, or standard to be measured against
d) Because it is impossible to tell which variable caused the observed effects

The variable that is responding or being measured is the
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) control group
d) constant variable (s)

When testing the O-Wing fuselage length, what were your constant variable(s)?
a) person throwing it, the size of the front O-wing and the size of the back O-wing
b) person throwing it and type of straws
c) person throwing it
d) person throwing it and the velocity which they threw it

Variables that do not change (or remain the same) in the experiment are
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) constant variable (s)
d) control group

The three final steps of the scientific method in correct order are
a) drawing conclusions, repeating experiments, and communicating results
b) drawing conclusions, analyzing data, and repeating experiments
c) observing, experimenting, and communicating results
d) repeating experiments, communicating results and drawing conclusions

The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in the experiment is
a) experimental group
b) variable group
c) control group
d) dependent variable

If a car takes 5 seconds to travel 50 meters, what is its speed?
a) 5 m/s
b) 50 m/s
c) 10 m/s
d) 20 m/s

If a ball is traveling 70 meters in 6 seconds, its speed is
a) 11.67 m/s
b) 10 m/s
c) 12 m/s
d) 9.53 m/s

A good hypothesis is written as
a) If (dependent variable), then (independent variable) because (inference)
b) If (independent variable), then (dependent variable) because (logical/scientific reasoning)
c) If (observation), then (inference) because (guess)
d) If (intuition), then (observation) because (logical sense)

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