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What describes things that cannot be seen, touched, or measured directly?
a) psychologicial constructs
b) standard deviations
c) placebos
d) theories

What are mental processes, such as dreams, perceptions, thoughts and memories?
a) behavior
b) emotions
c) theories
d) cognitive activities

What is any action that other people can observe or measure?
a) behavior
b) cognitive activities
c) principle
d) psychologicial constructs

What is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes?
a) biology
b) psychology
c) cognitive activities
d) principle

What is the concept of right or good conduct?
a) morality
b) sample
c) control group
d) psychological constructs

What is a statement that attempts to explain why things are the way they are and why they happen the way they do?
a) bias
b) principle
c) theory
d) morality

What is a basic truth or law?
a) sample
b) principle
c) theory
d) population

Psychologists believe that a little ____________ can be a good thing.
a) anxiety
b) aptitude
c) placebo
d) volunteer bias

I am the field of psychology that deals with evaluating psychological problems, such as anxiety or depression, and helping people overcome them.
a) counseling psychology
b) clinical psychology
c) educational psychology
d) experimental psychology

I am the field of psychology that helps mainly people who have adjustment problems.
a) counseling psychology
b) clinical psychology
c) community psychology
d) school psychology

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