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Which phrase BEST describes a confederation?
a) partners
b) divided power
c) a strong federation
d) a strong central government

What county in Europe has a federal government?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Great Britain
d) United States

One reason that the British Commonwealth is called a confederation is that member countries
a) are voluntary members.
b) must have a constitution.
c) have strong central governments.
d) must do what the majority of the members want to do.

In which types of government do citizens have no voting rights?
a) an autocracy and a democracy
b) an oligarchy and a democracy
c) an oligarchy and an autocracy
d) any of the three types of government

An autocracy puts the power of the government into the hands of
a) the citizens.
b) a single person.
c) the representatives.
d) a small group of people.

How can autocratic rulers come to power?
a) by voter election
b) by legislative election
c) through their bloodline
d) by representative appointment

Which statement is TRUE about an oligarchy?
a) Anyone can lead.
b) Leaders are elected.
c) Laws protect the citizens.
d) A small group of people govern.

In a federal system power is
a) completely controlled by the central government.
b) completely controlled by the regional (state) governments.
c) shared between the central and regional governments.

Which European country has an unitary system of government?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) United Kingdom
d) United States

What kind of government does Russia have?
a) unitary system
b) federal system
c) confederation
d) autocracy

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