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Which of these might be a cause of a broken glass?
a) the dog sneezes
b) a girl trips on a rug
c) a storm is coming
d) Jeff has a test tomorrow.

What might cause a dog to bark?
a) the wind chimes tinkle
b) a boy sits on a porch
c) the teacher rings the bell
d) a cat runs past the house

What might cause a kite to fly higher?
a) a boy bought some string
b) a man went swimming
c) the wind blows harder
d) the sun shines brightly

Which of these may cause a boy to be hungry?
a) he didn't each his lunch
b) he slept in this morning
c) he played a game of tag
d) he brought carrots to school

What is a possible cause of being grounded?
a) getting an A on a test
b) getting in a fight
c) helping the neighbors
d) winning the spelling bee

What could a driver do to cause an accident?
a) stop at a red light
b) stop at a corner
c) go through a red light
d) go past a billboard

What might cause a day to be cold?
a) it rains
b) it hails
c) it is summer
d) it is winter

I am eating tomato soup for lunch because
a) my homework isn't done
b) the mailman is here
c) we are out of lunchmeat
d) we have no clean spoons

Joseph is blowing out the candles since
a) the power came back on
b) today is not his birthday
c) the wind is blowing hard
d) a giraffe was at the zoo

Before I started sweeping up this mess,
a) my sister won her game
b) my dog and I played tag
c) I was reading a book
d) I was playing ball indoors

The leaves are blowing across the yard because
a) the fish are in the pond
b) it is a windy autumn day
c) a car is parked nearby
d) the bus is at the corner

Aunt Mabel asked me to feed her dogs since
a) her cat had six kittens
b) I don't really like goldfish
c) the dog food was on sale
d) she is traveling to France

I missed the bus this morning because
a) it is Saturday
b) I ate cereal for breakfast
c) my friend lost her phone
d) my alarm didn't go off

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