MIDTERM Review - Semester 1 - Physical Science - Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 26784)

MIDTERM Review.[print questions]

_____23. Will sweating help cool you down when the humidity is 100%?
a) No
b) Yes

What gas makes up the majority of the air we inhale?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Nitrogen

What gas makes up the majority of the air we exhale?
a) Nitrogen
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Oxygen

Dry air is _________% nitrogen and _________% oxygen.
a) 21% nitrogen and 78% oxygen
b) 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen
c) 75% nitrogen and 24% oxygen
d) 24% nitrogen and 75% oxygen

Why is it important to have ozone in earth’s air?
a) It helps us get a good tan.
b) It blocks harmful UV rays from the sun
c) It mixes with carbon monoxide so we are not poisoned.
d) It helps us breathe.

What would happen to life on the earth if all the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide were removed and why?
a) We would all die because of freezing temperatures.
b) We would all die because of extremely hot temperatures.
c) Life would be improved because greenhouse gases are poisonous.

What are the layers of the homosphere in order from bottom to top?
a) stratosphere, troposphere, mesosphere
b) mesosphere, troposphere, stratosphere
c) Troposphere, meosophere, stratosphere
d) Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere

A liquid that is hot will move ______________than a cold liquid.
a) faster
b) slower

Is the ozone hole a problem?
a) Yes, we are going to freeze
b) No, it only affects antarctica during a few months.
c) No there isn't anything wrong. Scientists made up everything.
d) Yes, there is chlorine in our atmosphere

Is helium found in the homosphere or heterosphere?
a) Heterosphere
b) Homosphere

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