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What contrasting images does Edwards use to describe God’s wrath?
a) heat and cold
b) sunlight and rain
c) darkness and light
d) fire and water

Edwards uses the phrase “dead in sin” to describe
a) people who have died while in the midst of evil activities.
b) those who have not yet experienced the grace of conversion.
c) those whose sins have caused their deaths.
d) people who are not religious and never attend church.

Edwards compares each of his listeners to “a spider, or some loathsome insect held over the fire” in order to stress a human being’s
a) powerlessness in comparison to God.
b) unimportance in God’s plan.
c) ugliness in God’s eyes.
d) courage in the face of God’s wrath.

Toward the end of the sermon, Edwards’s tone shifts from
a) sorrowful to joyous.
b) joyous to resentful.
c) frightening to hopeful.
d) sympathetic to bitter.

According to the final paragraphs, sinners may be able to obtain
a) salavation.
b) retribution.
c) Edwards's forgiveness.
d) consolation.

To which chief emotion does Edwards appeal in the following passage of the sermon? How awful is it to be left behind at such a day! To see so many others feasting, while you are pining and perishing.
a) grief
b) envy
c) sympathy
d) joy

The use of a biblical quotation at the end of the sermon strengthens Edwards’s argument by
a) associating it with an authority respected by his audience.
b) appealing to the audience’s love of poetry.
c) changing the tone of the sermon.
d) emphasizing Edwards’s point about God’s mercy.

Based on the context clues, what does gulf most likely mean in this passage: If God should let you go, you would immediately sink and swiftly descend and plunge into the bottomless gulf.
a) gasoline or oil
b) wide gap
c) shallow water
d) cloud

Based on the context clues, what does exquisite most likely mean in this passage? There will be no end to this exquisite horrible misery.
a) very beautiful
b) mildly attractive
c) necessary
d) sharp; intense

What kind of increase does the word manifold describe?
a) a modest increase
b) a gradual increase
c) a large increase
d) a tiny increase

Which word below is closest in meaning to recompense?
a) payment
b) leisure
c) praise
d) rethink

Which word below is most nearly opposite in meaning to persevere?
a) labor
b) dawdle
c) continue
d) join

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