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What is a geographer’s main activity?
a) Making maps
b) Watching people
c) Using high-tech equipment to see the world
d) Analyzing geographic information to answer geographic questions

a) Map and measure the land
b) Mark boundaries
c) Study the shape of the land
d) All of these

High-tech information-gathering jobs include working with…
a) Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
b) Global Positioning System (GPS)
c) Landsat and GOES
d) All of these

Data analysis jobs require…
a) High-level computer skills
b) Critical thinking skills
c) College Education
d) All of these

Geographers study information to use in planning projects like…
a) Urbane areas
b) Disaster evacuation plans
c) The placement of a new highway
d) All of these

About half the jobs using geography are in the fields of…
a) Education
b) International trade
c) Government and business
d) None of these

A location analyst does what?
a) Studies an area to find the best location for the client
b) Analyze maps
c) Study the flora and fauna of an area
d) Study human patterns

Why might a business that has close ties with natural resources rely on geographers?
a) To show them maps of places where trees are
b) To help them understand the relationship between their business and the environment
c) To ensure that the environment remains untouched
d) All of these

Climatologists study…
a) Climates
b) Oceans
c) Islands
d) Animals

Urban planners may find a location for…
a) An airport
b) Mass transit routes
c) Sewer and water lines
d) All of these

What is another name that physical geographers can be called?
a) Land Scientists
b) Water Scientists
c) Atmosphere Scientist
d) Earth Scientist

According to your book some physical geographers (Earth Scientists) study
a) Flora
b) Geomorphology
c) Fauna
d) Oceanography

________ is the study of how the shape of the Earth changes.
a) Urban Planning
b) Landsat Specialist
c) Geomorphology
d) Oceanography

Some geographers study social, political, and economic issues as they relate to ________ or ________.
a) People or Region
b) Pimples or Races
c) Place or Religion
d) Place or Region

This type of geographer asks residents about problems in their neighborhoods to help answer a geographic question for a project
a) Physical Geographer
b) Human Geographer
c) Imaginary Geographer
d) Societal Geographer

________ geographers usually are hired by government agencies and work closely with political scientists, economists, and sociologists.
a) Physical Geographer
b) Human Geographer
c) Imaginary Geographer
d) Societal Geographer

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