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It was the year 1889. Jane was sad at what she saw. Many people have just moved to America. Some didn't have homes. Some kids needed help at school. Many people needed food. Jane decided to build Hull house so people could get things they need.
a) Buy fancy things.
b) Care for others.
c) It is important to go to school.
d) Always be yourself.

Joy won a basket full of candy and took it to lunch to eat. She wouldn't share with anyone and ended up with a bellyache.
a) It's not good to be greedy.
b) Never share with anyone.
c) Only good people win candy.
d) Joy was selfish.

For weeks, Danny didn't watch a single tv show. Instead, he practiced for the spelling bee. Day and night he went over the words. The day of the spelling be came. Danny won. He smiled when he thought about all his hard work.
a) Students should always do their homework.
b) Be patient.
c) Hard work pays off.
d) Always follow the rules.

Bobby realizes that his family may not be wealthy but they have each other. And that is more important than anything.
a) Money is the more important than anything.
b) Being wealthy is fun.
c) Money isn't everything.
d) Bobby doesn't want to be wealthy.

Jenny was taking an important test. Her pencil broke. Luckily, she had three more pencils in her case.
a) Always have more than one pencil.
b) Always be prepared.
c) Always respect others
d) Always study for the test.

Kyle had a huge project due. He had a month to work on it. Kyle didn't start until the night before it was due. Kyle failed.
a) Always be ready.
b) Do all of your work.
c) It is better to give than receive.
d) Don't put things off until the last minute.

Cindy's little brother had to be rushed to the hospital. Cindy couldn't sleep until she knew he was going to be okay.
a) Be nice to your little brother.
b) Family is important.
c) Get a good night's rest so you will be ready for the next day.
d) It's good to worry about other people.

Megan and Anna are not friends. They never have been. They get paired together to work on a project. They decided not to let anything get in the way of making a good grade.
a) Overcome differences.
b) Always be honest.
c) Trust the person telling the truth.
d) Be friends with everyone.

The kids laughed at Todd's odd hair. Todd looked different than everyone else. The way the other kids treated him was terrible. Jill was the only person that talked to Todd. She knew what it was liked to be treated differently.
a) Do not talk to people that you do not know.
b) Who a person is in the inside is more important than what they look like.
c) Be friends with everyone.
d) Always smile at others.

Jim placed the blanket on his grandmother. His grandmother was mostly at home alone. Each week, Jim went to spend time with her. They played checkers. She loved the game. Jim knew his grandmother felt less lonely when he was around.
a) Be kind to others.
b) Harold should spend time with his family.
c) Hard work pays off in the end.
d) Always be willing to move.

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