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People opposed to new immigrants
a) professionals
b) nouveau riche
c) nativists
d) tenement dwellers

Cities grew during the late 1800s because of
a) increased immigration
b) the availability of mass transit
c) the technological advances in construction
d) all of these

Most new immigrants came from
a) southern and eastern Europe
b) northern and western Europe
c) northern and central Europe
d) Asia

A leader in settlement house programs
a) Andrew Carnegie
b) Frederick Law Olmstead
c) Scott Joplin
d) Jane Addams

Conspicuous Consumption means
a) dining in public
b) spending money to show off wealth
c) aiding the poor with educational opportunities
d) the growing middle class

Major port of entry for immigrants from Asia
a) Ellis Island
b) Los Angeles
c) Hull House
d) Angel Island

The City Beautiful Movement
a) aimed to provide green space in crowded cities
b) aimed to clean up tenement houses
c) aimed to put art in public places
d) aimed to clean up litter

Which social class grew by the largest percentage during the late 1800s?
a) upper class
b) middle class
c) poorer class

Tenements are
a) poorly built apartment houses
b) tent like dwellings
c) meeting places for nativists
d) settlement house apartments

The Immigration Restriction League
a) was succecssful in limiting immigration by requiring a literacy test
b) was not succecssful in limiting immigration by requiring a literacy test
c) was made up of immigration officials
d) created steerage quarters for ocean liners.

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