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This Review Discusses Prehistory, Mesopotamia And Egypt.[print questions]

This discovery was so important to the Egyptians because it ensured a place for the pharaoh in the after-life?
a) Pyramids
b) Rosetta Stone
c) Papyrus
d) Mummification

Why did prehistoric people migrate from East Africa?
a) huge glaciers covered the land
b) attacked by other tribes
c) lack of resources and food
d) they were bored

Early people began to irrigate and farm once their civilizations established...
a) slave labor
b) conquering other lands
c) creating better tools
d) establishing a centralized government

The domestication of animals affected life by
a) no longer need tools to work
b) people searched for food
c) people had surplus food
d) people had less food

One benefit of a food surplus would be...
a) social divisions
b) domestication of animals
c) agriculture
d) better tools

How did the discovery of the calendar benefit the Egyptians when predicting when the Nile River would flood?
a) They could stop the flooding
b) Used it to irrigate crops
c) helped with agriculture
d) assisted with hunting and gathering

This king created a harsh code of laws
a) David
b) Babylon
c) Hammurabi
d) Sargon

What was the 1st monotheistic religion?
a) Christianity
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

Mesopotamia was known for the 1st writing system knows as...
a) Cuneiform
b) Phoenician Alphabet
c) Sanskrit
d) Hieroglyphics

Which civilization is credited to adapting our writing system today?
a) Sumerians
b) Akkadians
c) Phoenicians
d) Egyptians

What did early civilizations due to adapt to a lack of rainfall?
a) Migrated to new areas
b) Performed rain dances
c) Irrigated
d) Prayed to kings

Which characteristic represents the Stone Age?
a) Pebble/Stone Tools
b) Government
c) Writing Systems
d) New techniques in metal working

Why did people stop living nomadic lifestyles?
a) Extinction of animals
b) Discovery of farming
c) Better tools
d) Stayed connected with family

The Torah is the holy book for which religion?
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Buddhism
d) Judaism

Who is the founder of Judaism?
a) Solomon
b) David
c) Abraham
d) Moses

Why did people settle in Mesopotamia and Egypt?
a) rich soil, rivers and location
b) deserts, rivers and mountains
c) plateaus
d) wildlife

Hieroglyphics was the writing system for which civilization?
a) Mesopotamia
b) Prehistoric
c) Egypt
d) China

How would you describe religion in early Mesopotamia and Egypt?
a) Monotheistic
b) Polytheistic
c) Monarchy
d) None of the above

This contribution decoded Egyptian hieroglyphics?
a) Nile River Valley
b) Old Kingdom
c) Great Pyramid
d) Rosetta Stone

Which are examples of settling near a river?
a) None
b) swimming, food, water and view
c) food, water, protection and fertile land
d) fertile land, entertainment, protection and view

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