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bitter regret or guilt for having done something wrong
a) remorse
b) regret
c) sad

surrounding and blockading of a town or fortress by an army; a prolonged period, as of illness
a) attack
b) Siege
c) army

a distinctive feature, as of a person’s character
a) judge
b) character
c) Trait

of, relating to, or located in the city
a) urban
b) country
c) rural

-pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity; vigorous, lively, and vital
a) Vibrant
b) busy
c) strong

-a sudden idea; a fancy
a) Whim
b) idea
c) adventure

make good guess; read between the lines
a) guess
b) infer
c) match

name; identify
a) label
b) idea
c) name

sort; organize
a) order
b) sort
c) classify

beginning, start, attack
a) start
b) judge
c) onset

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