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Social Studies Review.[print questions]

What was one effect of the reunification of Germany?
a) Factories in the east were forced to close because they were not as modern.
b) All of Germany became communist
c) Germany was given billions of dollars by the US
d) None of the above

What mountain range separates Italy from the rest of Europe?
a) Alps
b) Pyrenees
c) Urals
d) Rockies

What was the main focus of the cold war?
a) communism versus democracy
b) republican versus democratic
c) president versus prime minister
d) religion versus religious freedom

Both Moscow and London are located on rivers. How does location benefit them economically?
a) It makes people want to swim
b) It helps with pollution
c) It helps with education
d) It makes trade easier

The United Kingdom doesn't have a lot of natural resources. Why?
a) It is located in the north pole where the weather is extremely cold
b) It's a small island
c) People are too lazy to mine them underground
d) None of the above

What conclusion can be drawn from world wide depression?
a) It led to WWII
b) It began in Russia
c) It caused banks to profit
d) It affected countries equally

Which geographic feature makes Italy's climate ideal for attracting tourists?
a) It has a tropical rainforest
b) It is surrounded by mountains
c) It is on a peninsula
d) It has several large lakes

Why was Prince Henry nicknamed The Navigator?
a) He was the prince of Portugal
b) He was the first to sail to the North Pole
c) He funded many voyages of discovery and advances in navigation
d) He was the first to sail around the world

Why did European countries build empires in Africa and Asia?
a) To get better education for their people
b) To get more diverse languages
c) To control their pollution
d) To get raw materials or natural resources for manufacturing

After WWII, what war started?
a) WWI
b) Cold War
c) Korean War
d) Revolutionary War

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