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A Review Of The Story Deep In The Ocean.[print questions]

Which of the following is a supporting detail in the section titled “Living in Hot and Cold Water”?
a) The Deep Ocean Zone has hot volcanoes in it.
b) Some species of shrimp, crabs, worms, and bacteria live in this hot water.
c) Huge groups of Arctic sea life were found living in freezing water.
d) All of the above

What is water pressure?
a) the force that water puts on an object
b) of or relating to the sea
c) a group of living things that live in the water
d) a scientist who studies the ocean and everything in it

Which of the following states the main idea of the section titled “The Census of Marine Life”?
a) Scientists tag animals.
b) The ocean can be very hot and very cold.
c) Animals live everywhere in the ocean.
d) Oceanographers study ocean animals.

Which sentence best states the main idea of this book?
a) Satellites are used to track marine life.
b) See-through creatures live in the ocean.
c) The Census of Marine Life counted over 230,000 species.
d) Oceanographers learned that there is life in the depths of the ocean.

What type of book is Deep in the Ocean?
a) realistic fiction
b) descriptive nonfiction
c) fantasy fiction
d) autobiographical nonfiction

Which statement is an opinion?
a) Starfish and dolphins live in the Shallow Ocean Zone.
b) Scientists who study the ocean are called oceanographers.
c) Water pressure is the force that water puts on an object.
d) Scientists who study the ocean have a very difficult job.

Space is to satellite as underwater is to  _________________.
a) airplane
b) submersible
c) cruise ship
d) bicycle

How are the Shallow Zone and the Deep Ocean Zone alike?
a) Sunlight warms the water in both zones.
b) Animals exist in both zones.
c) The water is cold and dark in both zones.
d) Sport divers can explore both zones.

Read this sentence: Over 6,000 new species had never been seen before. Does this sentence inform, persuade, or entertain?
a) inform
b) persuade
c) entertain
d) none of the above

Which of the following was created as a result of ten years of studying and counting ocean animals?
a) the Census of Marine Life
b) satellites for tracking sea life
c) submersible craft
d) special diving suits

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